18 janeiro 2005

Zimbabwe indispõe Cosatu e ANC

Interessante e educativo o debate entre o porta-voz da intersindical sul-africana Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) e o Secretário-geral do ANC sobre o Zimbabwe, que passo a transcrever a partir de um artigo do sul-africano Independent Online.

Cosatu has accused ANC secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe of attacking the movement's integrity by suggesting that its plans to revisit Zimbabwe was motivated by a desire to attract media attention.
At a press briefing on Monday Motlanthe suggested the Congress of SA Trade Unions' behaviour had more to do with creating media hype than familiarising themselves with the situation in Zimbabwe.
During the last visit, Cosatu delegates were deported back to South Africa for involving themselves in Zimbabwean activities.
"They go there with the intention of defying a country's laws and they make it known. This has value for the newspapers but it has very little to do with familiarising yourself with the situation," said the African national Congress' secretary-general.
In a statement released on Tuesday, Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven said the organisation was concerned only with defending the human rights and economic well-being of their counterparts in Zimbabwe.
"This uncharacteristic comment borders on an attack on Cosatu's integrity when it addresses these important issues," he said.
Craven said although Cosatu had written to Zimbabwe's minister of labour, Paul Mangwana, to inform him about the fact-finding mission, they had not yet received a reply.
He said Mangwana had chosen to respond to Cosatu's request by telling the Daily Mirror at the weekend that "if they come we will force them into the next kombi".
Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi would meet his counterpart from the Zimbabwean Congress of Trade Unions, Wellington Chibebe, in Cape Town on Saturday to discuss the situation.
"We invite those who said we acted irresponsibly by sending a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe last year to tell us what we should do now, in face of the intransigence of the Zimbabwe labour minister."
Craven did, however, welcome Motlanthe's comments calling on the ruling Zanu-PF to allow the opposition MDC freedom to hold public meetings in Zimbabwe.
"These comments go a long way to closing the gap between Cosatu and the ANC that seemed to exist on Zimbabwe towards the end of last year," Craven said.

E o snr. Mugabe e Zanu-PF vão rindo...

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